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5 rating

Great discovery

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My boys always get a good haircut.

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Update- I didn?t enter my info into their database this time because I wanted to see if I was treated differently as a ?new customer?... nope. Why do you have to ask for the standard services you advertise on the website? I?ve been here three times now and won?t be back, the staff always seems frustrated that you?re walking in and they actually have to work and will do the bare minimum possible to get you out the door as quick as possible. Why does the register automatically assume I?m tipping someone for doing their job after I?ve already been charged $20 for 15 minutes of service? That?s $80/hr and if you don?t fork over extra their demeanor instantly changes. You cut hair and expect me to hand you extra money? Do you tip the doctor, the nurses, the cable guy, or the bank teller? No, stop manipulating the public into paying extra for a basic job, removing this prompt from your register would be the first step towards improving your business. Ensuring that everything is included in the basic services and the customer isn?t required to ask for them is basic business, it?s off putting and makes the customer feel they are asking for something extra instead of what they?re already paid for.

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Mark A. | August 24, 2019 Google

"Great discovery"

what w. | August 6, 2019 Google

"My boys always get a good haircut."

Matt | August 5, 2019 Google

"Update- I didn?t enter my info into their database this time because I wanted to see if I was treate"

David R. | July 5, 2019 Google

"Just a great place to get a haircut"

Barry C. | July 2, 2019 Google

"Haircut is best here"

Christopher G. | June 30, 2019 Facebook

"Fantastic! Emily was very helpful in answering any questions I had and provided the perfect haircut."

Joe W. | June 18, 2019 Google

"First time customer and had an awesome first experience and will be back again for sure. Thank you s"

Luke F. | June 16, 2019 Google

"Clean shop and friendly Staff"

Cook C. | June 5, 2019 Google

"Best haircut I?ve ever had ??"

Jeffrey K. | May 12, 2019 Google

"I signed in on-line and they took me with in the time posted and Emily did a great job cutting my ha"